Friday, June 23, 2006

Reel Meals with Emily


Last night I thought it would be a fun idea if Emily and I checked out "Reel Meals" on Congress Street in Saratoga.  It's basically a "dinner and a movie" business.  We went at 7:45 to catch Mission Impossible 3.  I'd seen it before but it was between that and watching an hour and half of people drown in "Poseiden".  There was only one other person in the entire theatre with us.  We had a 6 person both table directly in the center of the room with a great view of the screen.  I was starving so I orderd an appetizer of motz stix and chicken fingers for us.  We didn't need it because when our chicken parm and shrimp rosa entree's came out they were friggin' enormous!  The waitress walked away saying something about us having leftovers... haha.. not me.. I finished off the entire dish and the left overs from the appetizer... probably embarassing myself in front of Emily.  haha. 
    It was really great food there and it was something different then just going to a regular movie.  Emily had never been to such a thing before and I think enjoyed it even though we were practically the only ones there that evening.  After the movie we headed back to my place to hang out with Rick, Josh, and Jess for a bit. 


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