Thursday, June 8, 2006

Visiting Ethan and Beers with my undergrad prof Ed Laine

    After my long hike up Katahdin on Tuesday I drove down to Portland, ME to visit my buddy Ethan.  I haven't seen him in nearly two years so it was really good to visit.  He called and told me that he and his roomate Colin (also a Bowdoin Grad) were planning to see "The Omen" that night on 6-6-06... (666) so I was definitely down and hit the gas to 90mph down I-95 so I could make it to the theatre in Portland for the 7:15 show.  The three of us showed up at around 7pm but found the show to be sold out so we decided to watch X-Men 3 instead which was fantastic.  At the end of the movie Colin realized that the 10pm Omen showing was in the same theatre so we just stayed in our seats and watched the double feature... haha.  "The Omen" turned out to be a really great film and was scary as hell (I think any movie where a child is evil is pretty freaky). 
    After the movie we headed back to Ethan's place and I crashed for the night on the floor of his room on a cushion.  It was nice to catch up with him about each other's lives.  He was a great roomate at college and remains a great friend.  He told me that my other roomate Ned had recently made the news when he fell into a volcanic vent on Mt. Shasta in California so I'll have to email him about that.... (the same kid who almost died in an avalanche on Mt. Washington our Junior Year. 
    In the morning I woke up early and gave my old Professor Ed Laine a call to see if he wanted to do lunch.  Luckily he was there and was delighted to hear from me.  Ed is pretty much my inspiration for going back to Graduate school for my PhD.  I would like to essentially have the life he has in the future as a college professor, skier, and all around good guy.  We had a great lunch at the Sea Dog Brewery in Brunswick, ME.  It was great to be able to go there again and have their delicious microbrews.  He gave me a lot of great advice and he seemed genuinely happy about my choice to attend OSU in the fall.  I definitely plan on keeping in touch with Ed while I'm at OSU.  His background was in Oceanography as well and I'm sure he really wants to see me succeed. 
    So, in the 3 days that I was in Maine I finished the mountains I needed, visited old friends, and was able take my favorite professor and mentor from Bowdoin out for Lunch.  Everything worked out great! :)


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