Sunday, June 18, 2006

Wakeboarding & BBQ Dinner with Jonny & Kinger


When I got out of work today I got back to my apartment ready for a boring night because Emily was at the Dave Concert at SPAC with her roomate Cassie.  Then, at 5:45 I got a suprise call from Brian King and Jonny asking if I'd like to be the 3rd man for wakeboarding on Lake George.  I immediately jumped in my truck and drove 85mph up to the lake to head out with them.  We had a case of beer and took Jonny's relative's (aunts?) boat out for a sesh.  The boat we took was ridiculously big for towing a rider.  It slept four and had a kitchen... to give you an idea of it's size.  At first we couldn't find a hook to tie the rope to but Kinger, with his knowledge of boats, found two in the back that we used.  Jonny was our driver and could not board because he had been sucker punched a week ago and fell onto the large speakers he was carrying when hit... cracking several of his ribs and tearing up cartilage... so for now he's out of commission for wakebaording.
    Kinger landed a sweet dock start from a dock on Long Island (same island my drunk friends 6_17_2006_6_06_pm_0001j
drove their speed boat onto 5 years ago while towing my buddy Jeremy Russo).  I had my video camera with me and got some great footage while6_17_2006_6_12_pm_0005
Kinger tore it up on his wakeskate (wakeboard without bindings, like a skateboard but bigger).  Kinger had a great fall at the end of his sesh.  He bombed into the wake and killed it flying off the wakeskate and doing a full backflip misty before hittin' 6_17_2006_6_27_pm_0010
the water again (check out the pic... pretty crazy).  I jumped in the water next with the board on and had a great first of the year sesh (pic on left - white shorts).  I wasn't able to do too much because the rope was  tied in such a way to the back of the boat that it would catch itself and then release quickly in a snapping manor thereby jerking the rope and me into the water but it was great to get out on a board and the lake nonetheless. 
    On the way back I suggested the three of us grab a bite to eat so, upon Kinger's suggestion, we drove up to the old "Lemon Peel" (bar that we always drank at year round because they weren't strict on ID's and had cheap beer, pool and darts) which is now a BBQ restaurant with a deck.  We all ordered ribs which turned out to be the best ribs I've ever had. When we picked up the rack the meat just fell of the bones... amazing.  It was nice to hang out with those guys again.  I don't see them much during the winter and hope that I can get out on the lake with them a few more times before I head to OSU.
    After dinner I took off for Saratoga and ended up going out with Mike and his two friends Mike... yeah, three mikes, from St. Rose.  We ended up on the 5th floor of the Tavern which I don't go to often and is pretty chill.  As soon as the Dave Matthews concert got out Caroline Street became a mad house of people and Gaffneys was so packed I had to walk on table tops across the "garden" back patio area to get to where Emily was watching a band and waiting for me.  Both of us were exhausted and I had to work at 9am the next morning so I stayed until about 3am so that Emily could walk home with her roomate Cassie. 


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