Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I Love Maps... check this out... it's cool

I've always had an obsession with maps... now that I have a GPS and can track my actual movementsRun_profile
through the woods and over terrain it's even more exciting.  With my new GPS I can add "tracks" (my path) to a topo map program.  This will show my path of travel and also my elevation profile (see pic on left).  This is very cool of course. 
    The example I'm showing here is my run last week through the SMBA trails (Saratoga Mountain Bike Association).  Ever since running down the shore of Lake George in the dark (see previous posts) I've been interested in trail running instead of road running so I went tonight holding my ipod in one hand and my gps in the other while flying through the single track trails deep in the woods. 
    What I've found out now (with a lot of google searching) is how to transfer my gps "track" toRun
Google Earth to see it on a satellite image... (pic on right click it to enlarge it to see my green track through the woods).  In Google Earth you can even see the changes in elevation I ran over tonight... Anyway... yes, I know I'm a big nerd but I still think this is pretty damn cool.  It means I can easily plaster all my hikes onto a satellite image of the Northeast.


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