Monday, July 31, 2006

Log Bay Day 2006

Well, this is the first time I've been able to go to Log Bay Day in about 5-6 years.  Unfortunately I couldn't stay all day and drink because I had to cover a shift at the bar tonight.  I did manage to head to Log Bay for about 4 hours this afternoon before work though.
    I met my parents for a quick lunch then headed with my truck down Shelving Rock Road towards Napa State (where everyone camps).  I immediately came to several cop stops with Forest Rangers Log_bay_day_73106_001
and State Troopers checking cars for booze and inspection stickers..  Today happened to be the last day my inspection sticker was still valid and they pointed it out at every stop.  I was advised not to drive all the way down to the lake because the parking lots were already full which was fine with me because I had brought my bike anyway.   I was able to park at the Shelving Rock Mountain Trailhead then ride the half mile down the trail to the lake where I locked my bike to a pine tree.
    The Bay was absolutely packed.  I put my bag over my head and walked out through the water toLog_bay_day_73106_030 find Kenny and the boat he had rented for a few days.  I immediately found him and Log_bay_day_73106_008he was burned...
I mean like a tomato and happily drunk as hell.  (The girl behind kenny in the photo laying down on the back of the boat is completely passed out drunk... haha)  I chatted with him for a while, grabbed a beer and my camera, then proceeded to walk across the entire bay filming what I saw and hoping to meet more people I
knew.  On my trip across I saw people playing volleyball, beer pong on what looked likeLog_bay_day_73106_021
floatingLog_bay_day_73106_032 doors, a "girls gone wild" boat, a large cruiser with a camera crew interviewing girls who occasionally would flash the camera, a blow up doll, many
funny looking hats, tons of floating beer coolers, and many many many burned bodies...   I got it all on video which you can see HERE.  I finally made it across the bay to Dave Longs Boat.  I bumped into sooo many people I knew - Byers, Longer,Log_bay_day_73106_012 Howland, Kerri, Merrigan, the Speck brothers, the Mondellas, and many Log_bay_day_73106_010many
more.  It was a perfectly blue sky day and everyone was having a blast.  Police
were everywhere in the woods and even on jetskis in the bay keeping an eye on everything.  I spent the afternoon relaxing on Dave and Kenny's boats catching up with people that I may not see before I move to Oregon.  I even caught up with Laura Tyrer (My ex, Kim Tyrer's little sister) and  Kim's best friend  Amanda who is getting married soon.  Apparently, Amanda always refers to me as "the one that got away" when she talks to Kim, and I oddly enough often say the same thing about Kim but now she is married with a cute baby boy named Ethan.  Laura's sister is doing well and we reminisced about old times.  She has been hanging out with my boy Jonny Howland.. so I'll have to keep an eye on that :)
    At around 4pm I took off on my bike home to pick up some clothes I had started at my parents.  On the way out I got stopped a couple more times and saw girls on the side of the road being forced to pour out their alcahol.  I ended up working at the bar for only about 3 hours to help out.  It was too bad I couldn't stay at Log Bay Day all day but I didn't have the money for beer and it was nice to make some cash behind the bar on my first night shift.  I'm going to miss days like Log Bay Day when I'm in Oregon....


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