Thursday, July 13, 2006

Slide Mountain - Last Catskill Mountain

My boss at work today asked if I wanted the night off and after thinking about it decided to take him up on it and try to drive down to the Catskills and climb Slide Mountain so I wouldn't have to Slide_71306_004worry about it next week before finishing my 115 4,000 footers on Mount Washington on Jully 22nd, my birthday.  I had printed up driving directions before work knowing I would be doing it soon so when I got home I grabbed them, tore the map out of my "High Peaks of the Northeast" book and ran out the door with my camelback.  I got to the trailhead two hours later at 7pm, strapped on my running shoes and started jogging up the mountain.  My legs were on fire with pain but my ipod kept me moving at a steady pace.  2.7 miles, 1600 feet, and 45
minutes later I was standing on the summit panting.  I've never climbed a mountain so fast in my life.  I snapped a few pics of myself on the wooded summit and from an outlook over the Catskills near the summit and started my jog down.  I reached my truck again at 8:15pm.  I had jogged 5.4 miles, 1600 feet of elevation up theSlide_71306_014
highest mountain in the Catskills in just an hour and 15 minutes!  I think I may be in the best shape I've been in over 8 years.  Feels good.  Now I just have my final hike and I'll be officially done with all of the highest peaks in NY and New England.  I've gotten the official applications for the NE 4,000 footer clubs, the NH 4,000 footer club and the 111ers of the Northeast club.  These are all the premier climbing clubs in New England and I'll soon be one of the few members.  After 12 years of climbing I've almost reached my goal...


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