Saturday, July 15, 2006

Weekend at Jonny's Camp

Jon Hughes and I have both been extremely busy this summer with work so when we realized that we both had a weekend free as well as Logan and his girlfriend Jacquie we all jumped on it and met up at his family's camp on Glen Lake for a weekend of partying and wakeboarding. 
    Emily and I drove up Friday night after having a few drinks with Josh, Rick and Mark and Wakeboarding_71506_021
Chris from the bike shop downstairs.  We got there around 9pm and went for a swim in bath-tub-warm Glen Lake then proceeded up to the camp out of the bugs for some card games.  Jon's cousin Pat and his girlfriend Kim were there for a while playing cards with us before he had to bring her home and leave so it was just Jon, Julie (girl he's been hanging out with), Emily and I that decided to take a very drunken swim around 1am before going to bed :). 

    On Saturday I was awoken to Logan's voice running up the stairs at about 10am.  I immediately realized I was naked under the covers so I grabbed them as hard as I could beforeWakeboarding_71506_025 Logan busted in the door with my camera trying to tear them off me.  He then ran around the
house waking all of our still drunk asses up.  We ate some bagels that Jon's awesome mom dropped off for us before heading down to the Lake for some late morning wakeboard sessions.  It was cloudy out but still very hot without the sun.  There was hardly any wind all day and it only rained lightly a few times throughout the day.  The lake was like glass and there really wasn't that much traffic for a Saturday in the middle of July. 
    At 12:30 Kerri Shpunt showed up to join the crew.  Kerri had never gotten up on a wakeboard before but I had confidence in her and the awesome new lightweight board we Wakeboarding_71506_072
picked up last year and to Kerri's suprise she got up on the first try and ripped it around the lake before calling it a day.  Next was Emily's turn and after just a couple pulls she was up... but veering to the left... and then down.  Every time she easily got out of the water she would start veering to the left and over the wake to crash... she was getting frustrated but we all, including her as well, thought it was hilarious.  After a few tips she was able to keep the board straight, negotiate some bumps on the lake and even make a few turns wih the boat, boardsliding it onWakeboarding_71506_002
one of them by accident!  Looks like Jacquei has some serious girl competition this year!  At 2pm Logans girlfriend Jacquie showed up and was starving so we made a Martha's lunch run while Jon brought Julie home for the afternoon.  Martha's is one of those places I grew up going to during lunches and free periods in high school and whenever it was hot.  It never changed and the ice cream was always great.  Now it's been completely redone and Logan even believes the ice cream tastes different.  6 Flags is ruining that entire area... Even built a giant water park behind the once tranquil and reserved Coachouse Log Restaurant where I worked through college... dwarfing the restaurant underneath it.  In any case I ended up stuffing myself with a burger and fries as well as a medium blueberry ice cream with sprinkles before heading back to the camp. 
    Logan took me out for a spin with Emily and Jacquie before Jon showed back up and we
Wakeboarding_71506_007 broke out the handle of Captain Morgans and began drinking. :)  Kerri had to leave because she
had work at 4pm.  Two hours later, and after Emily and I made a quick stop at my parents to say hi and pick up $65 worth of gas for theWakeboarding_71506_059
boat at Stewarts, Jonny was getting pretty plastered when we decided for another wakeboarding spin of the day.  I jumped right in and had a great time on the water totally relaxed and totally buzzin'.  We got back to the dock and Logan and Jacquie had to take off for a steak dinner at the Jones' but before they left we were able to catch the nastiest looking dock spider I've ever seen (check the pic).   Pat and Kim had returned and were Wakeboarding_71506_078
scarfing down subway which made Jonny, Emily and I hungry so we took my truck over to Subway for some late night subs before quickly returning for one last sesh.  Emily, Jon and I went out on the lake and Jon decided in his drunkeness he wanted to try foot skiing again... apparently forgetting how painful our attemps were last year.  He quickly taught me how to drive the boat and jumped in.  After gunning it a few times and nearly drowning the poor kid he gave up and let me take the boat for a spin around the lake a few times which was fantastic because I'd never really driven a boat before. 
    A bunch of Jon's cousins showed up at the camp on Sat and that night turned out to be a drunken blur playing bereut with captain and coke in the cups and then teaching everyone how to play Bullshit Pyramid which they all loved.  Jonny and I tore through the handle of captain finishing it around 11pm, the same time Lyndi, Jacquelin, and Nick Dier (yup Nick Dier) made a brief appearance to say hi.  Pat's mom made him bring Kim home early and stay home for the night so they took off around 11pm.  The rest of the night was very blurry to me but I remember that everyone thought it was funny making me drink so much!  I couldn't even remember what cards I had!  It was a great time!
    Emily had to get up early around 8am to head to Boston for her Kenny Chesny country music concert but I remained in bed until about 10am when I woke up Jonny as well for one last spin around the lake.  Both of us looked and felt like hell but as soon as I jumped in the lake off the boat I felt amped for another session.  Bad Idea... I was up for about 45 seconds before I decided to try to boardslide.... SMACK!  right on my face... painfully I called it a day realizing that I was too hungover and off balance to stay upright on a wakeboard.  We hung out on the dock under beautiful blue skies until about noon when I had to take off for work at Wheatfields.
    It was a great weekend and Emily had a blast at the camp wakeboarding and can't wait to go again.  Jonny is moving to Boston the first week of August so we only have one more weekend at the camp to party this summer.  Hopefully we can get more people along with my best bro Matt Jones to meet up with us there for one final killer wakeboard session!


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