Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bartending for my Buddies

Well I've been bartending during the day 4 days a week all summer but lately I've been able to pick up a few night shifts as well.  Today I worked a double behind theCimg5251
bar by picking up the night shift for James.  This meant I got to work with my favorite girl Jennifer Miller behind the bar.  At about 6pm I got a call from Rick Spratt asking what I was doing.  I told him I was behind the bar and he said he was on his way and would grab Mike Caldwell also.  It was a pretty slow night so Jenn and I were able to have a good rowdy time with Rick and Mike.  At about 8:30 Jenn asked me why Emily wasn't stopping by.  At that same moment I watched Emily and her roomate Cassie walk through the front door of the bar.  It Cimg5252
was great.  All my friends were there and I was showing them a great time making drinks for them.  At around 9:45 pm after restocking for Jenn for a while I punched out to sit and have a drink with Rick and his sister who had come in to drive his drunk ass home.  It was a fun night and Emily even picked me up from the restaurant on our way back to my place for the night.  I love bartending and hope that I can find a sweet place in Oregon to keep it up.


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