Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Biking the SMBA Trails

Went biking today after work on the Saratoga Mountain Bike Asssociation Trails.  I've been taking my GPS with me so that I can make a more detailed map of the trails via Google Earth and Delorme Topo USA Software.  Today I ended up following a trail that I had previously turned around on.  The trail was high up on a ridge and led to me to a large rock expanse that provided views of the Vermont Mountains to the East.  The picture does not do justice to the views from the rock.  You canSmba_8806_001_1
see how large the area is by looking at my bike in the picture for comparison.  My GPS was showing that I would soon intersect a road but I was still very high up on the ridge still.  After a short distance I found myself descending very quickly down large rock slabs towards the valley floor.  Near the end I cruised down a very steep loose rock section and when I came around a corner to see camp sites I could see another technical rock descent that I will have to come back and try another time.  Check out the Smba_8806_005
picture.. I put my bike in it for a comparison of the size of the section.  I marked the location on my GPS so that I could come back with other bikers and more protective gear to attempt that section another time.  I then descended another 60 feet or so down the slope through the woods to meet up with a four wheeler trail that took me back to the power line trail and my eventually back to my truck.  The sun had just set but there was enough light still on the open power line trail to get me back to my truck safely.  I definitely want to return to that rock section and give it a try but one mistake could lead to a good 20 to 30 foot tumble down a very steep rock face... not to mention a possible smashed bike... :)


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