Monday, August 21, 2006

Finally Hitting me...

Today I went to my parents to spend the morning and afternoon with my dad.   With my work schedule and all I have to do for moving to Oregon I've had little time to spend with my family before I leave.  I took my dad out to lunch at Maillies on Route 149 for some burgers then we sat in the living room and chatted for a bit until my mom came home. 
    Lately I've been starting to feel a little bit nervous and scared about my big move.  I've done it before... when I moved to Brunswick, Maine without knowing anyone there to attend college at Bowdoin.  I've also moved to Boston to be near my ex Janelle Bailey without knowing anyone there besides her.  This on the other hand is a little different because I can't just jump in my truck and come home for a weekend... I'm literally on the other side of the country, 3,000 miles away.  I am very worried about my parents being able to take care of themselves without me around.  My mother basically takes care of my father but she is older and tired herself.  What is she going to do when he passes on?  - which leads to my next thought.  What if this is the last time I see my father?  He means so much to me and there is a good chance he might not be around when I come home to visit at Thanksgiving. 
    Next is my friends... It's hard to leave all my friends behind.  I'm going to miss Matt and Logan and Rick and Josh and Jess.  Part of the reason I moved back from Boston was because I didn't have many friends there (besides Coop, Chadi, Katie, Nat, Justin, and the guys I worked with that I never saw out of work).  I was instantly happier when I moved home and could hang out with my buddies again.  I'm hoping that I'll meet the same kind of people in Oregon because it's not a big city and because everyone there likes the outdoors and the same activities I do.  As soon as I get there I plan to join as many clubs and outdoor groups as possible.
    I'm also going to miss Emily.  I tried so hard to not fall too much for her because I know I'm leaving but I have and it's really going to hurt when I leave her.  And knowing that she will be crushed will hurt me even more.  I have no intentions of looking for a girl at OSU because I will be way to busy with work and studying but I know that long distant relationships don't work either so it will be very hard for both of us.  I can say this with confidence though... she has made my last summer at home wonderful and it was well worth the hurt that I'm going to have when I am forced to drive away from her the day after labor day. 
    Right now I'm cherishing all the time I have left at home with family, friends and Emily.  I've found an apartment in Corvallis with two 21 year old Juniors there and a dog named Mowgli.  Rent is cheap as well as utilities and it's a block from the stadium and OSU.  It will be great living with a dog and I hear that both guys are very into the outdoors.  I'm also currently planning on making the trip with my friend Kenny but I haven't heard from him in a few days so nothing is confirmed yet.  I hope that he will come with me because I plan to make it a road trip to remember!


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