Saturday, August 5, 2006

Happy Hour with Sports Trivia

Yesterday night I got a call from my buddies Mike Caldwell and Rick Spratt wanting me to meet them at the Stadium Cafe for happy hour and drinks.  When I got home from work I went for a pretty Out_with_the_boys_8406_003
exhausting bike ride on the Skidmore trails (fell directly on my head still clipped into the pedals - probably very funny looking to watch).  I then took a quick shower and met them at the bar.  It was sports trivia night with the sportscaster from News Channel 13.  Mike and Rick both won bottle openers but the guy next to us was on fire answering every question.  The news guy had to cut him off after a while.  We called Josh who also met us at the bar but not even sports guru Josh could keep up with the guy.  After rounds and rounds of shots, car bombs, and Guiness I was getting pretty drunk. Jessica joined us after she got out of work.   I hadn't eaten a thing all day so I took off across the street for some chinese and met up with everyone at Peabody's on Phila Street. 
    At Peabody's Rick and Mike were both drunk and of course smack talk began with the table next toOut_with_the_boys_8406_006
us.  Out_with_the_boys_8406_009I just pulled out my ipod and started watching videos while the drunken smack continued and escalated.  Finally the waitress told Rick he had to leave as well as
Mike.  They waited outside angry and taunting the table from outside the fence but nothing happened.  Sick of it all I wandered over to spend the night at Emily's.  It was a great night with the boys until we got to Peabody's.  I hate it when drunkeness leads to provocing fights... It's senseless.  Drink and be Merry I say!


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