Sunday, August 6, 2006

Kate Villanova's 22nd

Kate_villanovas_22nd_8606_006At work tonight I found out it was Joe Simmon's last day before moving to Chicago for his Law Degree and to be with his girlfriend there.  It was a very busy night and I made good money.  At the end of the Christina brought in chips and salsa and a birthday cake for Joe which we all
ate.  I didn't have any late tables so I was able to take off, shower and head right to Kate's birthday party. 
Kate_villanovas_22nd_8606_025The party was a great time.  A lot of people from Wheatfields showed up and there wasKate_villanovas_22nd_8606_001
plenty of beer and booze to go around.  I pounded down a few coronas and Newcastles that Stephen had brought.  We tried playing Bullshit Pyramid but I don't think anyone was sober enough to fully understand how to play it so we
switched to asshole which we taught Joe how to play.  After a few hours I was getting pretty drunk and tired so I jumped back on my longboard and rode home, careful toKate_villanovas_22nd_8606_016
walk it across Broadway so I don't get busted again!  It was a great party and I think Kate really enjoyed that so many people showed up for it.


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