Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Attacked by a Samoan

Well, I guess it's become tradition now to go out for a couple drinks every Tuesday night at 10pm to Bombs for $2 drink night.  I only end up spending about 9 bucks and I get some tasty microbrews for it!  Plus, after working 12-13 hour days on school work it's a much needed break once a week.  Tonight we met up and were having a great time when this obnoxious Samoan (from Samoa) comes up to our table and starts dissin' my buddy Anna... We still don't really know why.  We think that she has some sort distant connection with Logan who was sitting with us.  In any case, she was horribly drunk and told Anna that she was biased against short people, which she prounounced "shirt people" in her drunken state which was pretty amusing.  Also the fact that Anna herself isn't the tallest girl inSamoan_at_bombs_101706_003
the room doesn't make any sense.  At midnight we began to leave bombs to walk down to McMinimans (don't know if I spelled that right) and guess who comes walking out after us to talk more shit to Anna and Eleanor.  I was snapping a few pictures (as I always do) to remember the funny situation when the girl turns around and grabs me by the arm... hmmm the word "grab" doesn't really cut it here... She freakin' latched onto me and wouldn't let go, dragging me back into Bombs Cafe.  I could only utter a few faint cries for help from my friends now walking away unable to hear me.  Back inside I found myself a prisoner of this drunk Samoan abomination.  She wouldn't let go until one of her guy friends who could see my plight grabbed her and pulled her off of me... I of course ran as fast as I could to catch up to my friends!  haha.  After hanging out for about half an hour more I went home for the night, still shaking from my near abduction! 


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