Thursday, October 26, 2006

Carvin' Pumpkins

On monday I sent out an email to all of COAS inviting everyone over to my place for pumpkin carving and beer on Thursday.  Being that it is midterms I figured that not many people would show and I was right, which is good because I too have a lot of work to do.  It was a nice crowd though.  Eleanor, Mac (the pumpkin carvin' expert), Chris Holme, Aaron Hartz, Kendra and her friends Anne Marie & Brad,Cimg6395
Brendan, Karen, Ashley, Jason, Kenzie and myself.  We started carving the pumpkins around 10:30 and weren't finished with them until a little after midnight.  Eleanor failed to bring a pumpkin to the party so she took charge of cooking up the pumpkin seeds which ended up smoking us out in the kitchen!  Jason was sitting on the floor and casually looked up at Eleanor and said, "set off the fire alarm yet?" to which Eleanor jumped up and ran to the oven to find her charred pumpkin Cimg6403
seeds stuck to the pan... hilarious.  Meanwhile, Mac was on my computer looking up pumpkin porn to carve...   Ashley Hatfield showed up for a little while towards the end of the night to watch the pumpkin carving shit show for a bit.  We all ended up with great pumpkins and several were left at my place to bring to Pam's Halloween party on Saturday night.  Jason and I also ended up with a huge bin full of pumpkin guts and a lot of pumpkin seeds to eat up.  It was a fun and friendly get together.


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