Friday, October 20, 2006

Corn Maze of Death

Last night I went through a Corn Maze with my friends from COAS.  All the new COAS students have pulled together and made a calendar of fun events for us all to participate in.  General idea is to keep it fun, cheap, and easy for everyone.  Last weekend's kayak trip was one of these events as well as Gwen's house warming party, etc.  This week Abby and Brycen put together a trip to the Corn Maze in town.  It was only 8 bucks and I took a few beers from Jason's stash at home for the adventure.Corn_maze_dance_party_102006_063  I had been drinking some left over beers from when Eleanor, Mac and Sarah came over for cards last weekend before we went to the Maze while Anna, Isaac and I watched PCU Corn_maze_dance_party_102006_013at my place.  So by the time I got to Brycen's place I was a little lit, but not too badly so... that was later...   Before I go on I want to clarify something to anyone who may think I drink too much.  I don't.  I have a few beers every Tuesday at 10pm at Bombs merely to socialize and relax from schoolwork from Sunday -Tuesday.  Then I pick either Friday night or Saturday night to also drink... thus only two nights a week Corn_maze_dance_party_102006_029do I drink... that's not bad for the amount of stress I'm under :) - Plus I just read that a drink Corn_maze_dance_party_102006_041a day keeps heart disease at bay... so it's
also healthy for me! :)  Anyway... At Abby and Brycen's place we gathered together and were given awesome glow sticks, necklaces, and glow glasses to wear
(check the pics, I bet you can guess where I've tucked the lowest glowstick in the photo... haha).  When we got to the Corn Maze I was able to sneak in a couple beers while walking around which was fun, as did
Anna :).  We Corn_maze_dance_party_102006_036ended up getting stuck in the HUGE maze for about an hour and a half.  Every once and a while Corn_maze_dance_party_102006_043someone in a costume would jump out and try to scare
us.  I was buzzin' pretty good so I had a great time, and the whole night only cost me
8$ for the entry to the maze!  When we finally got out ( I was told people could tell
where we were from my screaming!) we went back to my place for a "dance party" around 11pm and some cards.  Corn_maze_dance_party_102006_054It was a lot of fun and McKenzie even joined in on a jog pile,... I mean dog pile...
when he got home (see pic).  Great night last night and it was a little rough getting up this morning.  I was later told I left several messages on Brendan's phone to the tune of "we are all going to die, we're never gonna make it outta here!"... hahahaha.


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