Thursday, October 5, 2006

Crow Bar and Naughty Schoolgirls with the COAS Crew

Tonight after I finished up my Math review with my TA Brian in the Valley Library at 8:30pm I met up with Anna and Eleanor & their friend Kate at Crowbar downtown for some drinks.  I had had a very long day of school work (Physical Oceanography Questions were a bitch!) but had actually ended up ahead of the class in math according to my TA.  So I felt entitled to a drink or two with friends.  We had a great time and were about to leave when Mac and Brendan walked into the bar.  Anna and Isaac (who showed up briefly) left around 10:30pm but Eleanor stayed with the boys for a few more drinks.  Cimg6222Apparently tonight was the night of the Naughty Schoolgirl Contest at the "Cantina" downtown.  After some coaxing and being "called-out" by Mac as a wuss I was convinced to go check it out... Eleanor rode her bike home (which I feel really badCimg6236
about because I should have given her a ride).  But.. I ended up at a skeevy bar that is better placed in NYC than Corvallis, OR.  And yes... there were naughty school girls on stage dancing on poles for all the horny undergrads...  I snapped a
few pics of the lovely ladies, had a cold one with the boys and then headed home for the evening.  I might be the only male in the world to say this but that just really isn't my scene.  I've been to strip clubs many of times with friends from high school and past co-workers but I've never really enjoyed them.  This wasn't a strip club but it was pretty much the same thing... a bunch of young girls dressed slutty dying for attention from guys that they have no interest in dating.  It's basically just all eye-candy.  It would be totally different if one of them climbed down from the bar, walked up to me with her hot outfit on, proclaimed that she was a oceanographer, loved mountaineering, and was a pro skier looking for a nice guy to grab a cup of coffee with.  If that happened, I would go to these kind of events every night... In reality, the girl probably would end up going home with some meat-head jock for the night, possibly start dating him for a week and then end up cheating on him with in two weeks with one of his jock friends, cause that's how girls like that operate.  Anyway, that's my 2 cents on the whole slutty dance-club, stripper scene.  I'd rather find a girl who is bright, likes the sports I like, and can hold a conversation without saying the word "like" forty times who I can then dress up as a naughty schoolgirl just for me :)... haha. 


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