Friday, October 6, 2006

The Gaurdian with Jason and Eleanor

Tonight I went to see the Gaurdian with Eleanor and my roomate.  It actually turned out to be a terrific movie.  We stopped at Wilco for some candy on our way there which turned out to be a shit-show for me as usual.  My candy bag had a hole in it which caused me to spill candy all over the isle and then I forgot (never really buy bulk candy that often) to right the candy bin number on my bag so the guy at the register had to take extra long making me look like an asshole.. haha.  Then my atm card wouldn't swipe... man I was really holding up the line by that point.  When we got to the movie theatre we had to wait in a long line with two 20 oz bottles of Rogue Shakespear Ale in my top cargo pants pockets and 4 PBR's in my lower pants pockets for us during the movie... (I had a hard time walking up the steps of the theatre with pants full of bottles and cans!)  We finally got in and were all pleasantly suprised by the movie which paid a great tribute to the Unsung heros of the National Gaurd.   At the end I was suprised to hear from Jason that CMRU actually trains with the same coast guard helicopters for mountain rescues that were used in the movies and that at some point I would also be trained to hook into the line and put injured people into the baskets to get flown out.  Lucky for me though I wouldn't be doing it while floating in the cold pacific like in the movie.  Anyway, it was a nice relaxing friday night at the movies with friends. 


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