Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween Party

So Cimg6439last night was the annual COAS Halloween party at Pam's house.  After the football game we picked up our outfits at my place and Eleanor's and headed to Anna's forCimg6440 some pre-gaming and
preparation for the party.  I wasn't sure what I was going to wear for the party until I got to Anna's and was talked into wearing a boxer's outfit.  I looked absolutely ridiculous.  Anna talked me into wearing a pair of her shorts, which were a pinkish red and very, very short.  N19720956_31096991_133I then put on a blue wife beater that Isaac had and a pair of red gloves while Anna put makeup on my eye for a black eye and gave me a bandaide on my eyebrow for toughness!  Slowly people started to arrive at Anna's including Logan in his Ronald McDonald outfit and Mac and Sarah with his motorized N10609922_31439515_1013cowboy blow-up costome.  At 9 we grabbed the pumpkins we had carved and then went to the party.  From what I can remember of the party it was a blast.  I had made Pam an old school hip-hop mix of the hits we heard while
in High School and the DJ at the party was definitely playing a lot of them.  I'm not even sure what I was drinking but there N10609922_31439521_5997was a keg of microw brew at the party and there is a picture of me holding a Pabst which doesn't make sense to me.  Ashley came with a bike helmet on in a costume N10609922_31439533_2891that looked hilarious.  Kendra looked
pretty damn cute as a wtich dressed all in black with a big black hat on.  Then Milli Vinilli showed up (Chris & Aaron) which was hilarious....
even funnier when their song came over the stereo.   Eleanor, who had warned us she N19720956_31096882_4983was a violent drunk earlier, was tearing it up at Beer Pong (Bowdoin Style cause Mac was at the table).  I went over to say high and distracted her from the game, also may have given her
a friendly chop with my padded glove, and was angrily thrown to the floor against a heater which hit my head.... yup... a violent drunk.  Later I would try to talk to her again and got a full beer thrown on
me.... so that was the end of me having fun with Eleanor last night.  Eventually people started to leave the party including Anna who I apparently was pretty rude too and am sorry for.   It was a very drunken night and thankfully I got a ride home from Kendra or I may have ended up in a gutter.

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