Saturday, October 7, 2006

Hart's Cove & House Warming Party

Today I went for a hike on the coast with Anna, Eleanor and Ashley.  We took Anna's diesel bug from Corvallis because it gets 50mpg and it was an hour and a half drive.  On the way we stopped for lunch at the Newport Cafe where I got a great California Sandwich and bowl of mushroom soup.  We got a little lost finding the forest service road past Lincoln City but when we did it was a relatively short drive down the dirt road to the trailhead.  This trail was completely different than any other trail I've hiked on because it started off going down towards Hart's Cove.  The four of us found ourselves steeply descending through large cedars until we entered into a literal rainforest complete Cimg6245
with streams, small waterfalls, muddy trail, and dew on all the vegetation.  The trees surrounding us were enormous as well, towering into the sky, each of their branches as big a single tree in the East.  We passed by several downed trees across the trail that had to be chainsawed.  One of these had to be atleast 6-7 feet in diameter (check the pic of the girls sitting on it).  As we were walking through the rainforest about a thousand feet above the ocean we could hear many seals and sealions grunting on beaches below.  I've never been on a hike and heard that before.  We finally descended to aCimg6251
meadow on overlooking the pacific with Hart's Cove below us to the left.  There were small volcanic seamounts and outcroppings along the shore.  One of them, through wave erosion had formed into a bridge with several large holes in the center of it.  We could hear the sea lions below but were a little too far away to see them clearly.  We hung out for a bit in the 70 degree weather and sun and then headed back up, yes up, the trail to the Bug.

The trip home was a lot of fun involving me playing DJ with the ipod and us singing along to all the old school hip-hop tunes and 80's rock ballads.  I had to go to the bathroom bad when we got to Newport but the girls were determined to find a Dairy Queen for Blizzards on the ride home.  When we didn't find any in Newport I thought my bladder was going to explode before we got home, but then, as if God himself had created and dropped it into the land, a lone DQ appeared on the side of the road out of the woods like a mirage...  Ashley failed to see it so was scared shitless as the three of us screamed in excitement!  I of course bolted for the bathroom right away.  The woman behind the counter who got our blizzards had a shirt on labelled "Blizzard Tech"... haha... Did she actually go to school for this?  When she made our blizzards it looked as if she was actually working with a beaker filled with a dangerous solution that could explode at any second.  She took her job as head blizzard technician very seriously while her stoner co-workers took their breaks.  I gave her a tip for her hard-earned effort and amzing Blizzard-creating technical skills! 

We dropped Ashley off at her house and then the three of us hi-tailed it to Fred & Myer after picking up Isaac to get some house warming gifts for Gwen and Cosmo who had just purchased an absolutely beautiful new home on 17th street complete with a beautiful garden in the back and fish pond.  The girls picked up great gifts such as UNO and some candy while I picked out the most ridiculous thing I could find... a calender called "Monkey Business"... basically a magazine filled with hilarious looking apes dressed in outfits making funny faces.  It was a huge hit and was hung next to the refridgerator so that any time they are upset over anything all they have to do is look at the monkeys and laugh.  Gwen made some delicious sushi for us and we ended up all playing UNO for a while.  People there were Brycen & Abby, Robyn, Karen, Bart, Greg, Anna, Isaac, Eleanor, Gwen, Cosmo, and I.  So the game of UNO was pretty damn big.  I watched the first couple games which Anna won and then Abby and then after being pressured into it joined in and immediately won the first game I played... mwa ha ha.  I was a great party and everyone seemed to truly have a great time.


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