Saturday, November 11, 2006

Borat - Cultural Learnings

Last nigBorat_narrowweb__300x4950ht I went to see Borat with Eleanor, Mac, Anna and Isaac.  They didn't like it too much (thankfully I left to pee during the naked guy wrestling part) but I thought it was hilarious... until I found out that it was the same guy who plays Ali G!  I friggin' hate Ali G!  But oddly I love the
character of Borat so I guess that guy who plays the two (and another Russian character) is pretty damn talented!  I think that he makes fun of America as much as he does Kazakistan in this movie.  He's not biased towards either country.  He just likes to poke humor at everything.  I'm so sick of everything having to politically correct these days and how everyone takes things too seriously.... Come on world... learn to take joke!  Everyone should be able to laugh at themselves and get a chuckle out of stupid comedy which this movie definitely is.  Anyway, I thought it was great - so go and see it!  Just close your eyes when the fat man starts to undress! hahaha.


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