Thursday, November 9, 2006

Coriolis Billiards

This week has been pretty exhausting for me.  I finally decided that I needed to drop my math course Matrix and Power Series because I was completely lost.  I had no right being in that class after 6 years of having no math whatsoever.  My advisor should have told me how to prepare months before I came out here when I asked her repeatedly too.  Now I just feel lost and I'm having to work incredibly hard (think 12 hour days 6 days a week). 
    Anyway, enough complaining and boo-hooing... Here's what took place today.  In my Physical Oceanography class we had to make a presentation in lab on the effects of the coriolis force (ForceCoriolis_playground_11906_004
that deflects water to the right of it's path of motion in the Northern Hemisphere due to the earth's rotation - simple explanation).  Everyone was going to use pottery wheels, water buckets, etc but I of course wanted to do something Coriolis_playground_11906_008
memorable...  So I decided that we (Brycen, Karen, Brendan and I) should buy a kids pool table from Walmart and rig it up to a merry-go-round and shoot pool to demonstrate it.  So today Brycen picked up the pool table and we went down to the playground at the pre-school on 29th street to shoot some film of Brendan and I playing pool.  Well, as soon as we go there kids started to pour out of the building for recess, and we were't supposed to be there.  After talking to the principal (Princi-Pal) he agreed to let us do our expirement which thoroughly entertained all the liltle kids who instantly got excited about the science experiment! 
    We had a great time playing pool on the spinning merry-go-round.  Everytime we'd shoot the ball straight it would get deflected to the right which made for some great hook trick shots... Check out the video we made for class HERE.  At the end I got down to the ground so that all the kids could seeCoriolis_playground_11906_017
themselves in the video on my camera.  As we left they all ran up to the fence to wave good bye to me.  The project wasn't even for a grade but we definitely got a few laughs in the class when we presented... and we even got to buy something from Walmart, rip the box apart and then return it (I hate Wally Mart!). 


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