Friday, November 3, 2006

No Drinks till New Years... hopefully...

Well, I woke up today and as usual after I drink too much didn't feel motivated to do anything. That fact combined with the fact that I just crashed my truck and will have a $500 deductible has led me to declare for myself, "NO BEERS TILL NEW YEARS". I spend less than 20 bucks on beer a week which includes the regular Tuesday night at Bombs to chillax and friday and sat night. But because there is free beer in my apartment I've been able to pre-game pretty well before big events like Halloween and the corn maze. Also, the shinanigans I went through at the inital COAS party with the free keg there led to pretty buzzed Jonny Danger. Also... when I'm out having a good time I'm pretty energetic, and rambunctious whether I'm stoned drunk or just slightly buzzed, it's just my nature. But when I crashed my truck and the first thing several of my friends asked me was, "were you drinking" led me to ponder what people think of me here. Yes, I work my ass off 12-14 hours a day on schoolwork, and yes when I party I party hard, but do I want the stigma as a drunken party animal? No I do not. Thus, for myself to save money, and to prove to everyone that I'm not some drunken shit show I'm declaring no beers until New Years. Frankly I think it will be very easy for me seeing I have such very little time anyway. This way I'll prove to everyone that I act the same when out with friends as I do when I'm out with friends drinking. It's just my fun, outgoing personality. But I promise you all one thing.... I'm going to ring in the New Years with bottle of Captain in my hands! hahahahahah!

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