Monday, November 20, 2006

Timberline on Mt. Hood

Yup, I went skiing before Thanksgiving this year.  I drove up Saturday with my buddies Toshi and Aaron to Timberline Lodge today on Mt. Hood.  I was absolutely blown away by the terrain we were driving to. Cimg6758
The massive volcano just seemed to rise out of no where.  I've never skiied on a volcano before.  In the Northeast you can look around and see other mountains in the distance at the same elevation that you are skiing at... not out here.  Even at the base of the mountain below tree line I was about 5,000 feet higher than anything else below.  The only other mountains as high as we were were Mt.Cimg6760
Jefferson and the 3 Sisters to the south which were both snow capped volcanoes.   Look closely in the picture and you can see them in the background.  The weather was perfect, 45 degrees and plenty of snow for the 50% of the mountain that was open.  Lift lines weren't too terrible and everyone around was incredibly nice.  There were dogs running around barking and I found out that the main lodge was where they filmed The Shining with Jack Nicholson. 
    Toshi was a great skier but with Aaron I think I finally found someone that is at the same level of skiing that I am at and can push me to get better and ski harder.  We ski at the same pace and with Cimg6761
the same style, spinning off ridges and hucking ledges and drops.  We are definitely going to feed off each other on the slopes all winter long.  I'm going to hold off on getting a pass this year but next year I definitely will.  We lost Toshi by accident at the very end of the day but he caught up to us as the mountain was closing down for the day.  We stopped for Burgers and beer at a cool bar in Government Camp on the way home.   It was a terrific day and I would have gotten more pictures if my camera's battery hadn't died on me.  The first picture is of the massive omelette I got at a dinner on the way to Hood. 


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