Thursday, December 14, 2006

Home for a visit

Went home for a visit this past weekend.  It was short but was really nice to see family (all my family).  Traveling sucked as always.  On the way home I was stuck next to a huge football sized guy who crushed me up against the window and I had to deal with a few nasty Greyhound employees again.  That company sucks!  It was really great to see my famly again.  When I left I wasn't sure if I'd see my father again so it was exciting to hang out with again at home.  I tried to pick them up a DVD player but after I had everything hooked up it didn't work.  I swear my parents home is cursed for electronics! 

I got to spend a whole day with my girl Emily.  When I first moved out here I was pretty much overcome with excitement about graduate school and new friends and new experiences but as time wore on I thought more and more of her.  What I thought would be a fun summer relationship that I would be able to leave behind whenEmily_121106_001
I got here hasn't happened.  I think about her all the time and she thinks of me a lot too.  Being home with her really proved to me how much she means to me.  I love her and it's hard being in the situation that we are in.  Life is not easy as I have learned.  But if it is meant to be it will be.  I'm not asking her to wait for me and I'm sure she isn't asking that of me either, but to be honest I have no time for a relationship out here in Oregon anyways.  And any girl I meet out here I would have to compare to her and right now I don't think anyone could meet her standards.  I miss her a lot and I can't wait until she comes out to visit me.  The picture of us in front of her tree was taken about 20 minutes before I shaved my Oregon beard off. 

Tuesday night Emily and I met up with Rick, Mike, Mike Lomanto, Jess & Josh and myEmily_121106_003
friend Jen Miller from work at Wheatfields for some drinks.  They wanted to know all about my experiences in Oregon and I was happy to tell them all.  Hopefully some of them will be able to visit me while I'm out here.  Although they aren't really into the outdoors Emily_121106_004
(with the big exception of Jess) I think they would have a blast out here.  Jess dyed her hair blonder and looks wonderful.  Josh is a lucky guy.  Rick is still Rick (no classification for him) and Mike Lomanto has found himself a hot new girlfriend from work.  We all had a good time chatting before Emily had to bring me home to my parents.  It was so hard to say goodbye to her!  It was great trip home.... but way to short!

Anna and Brendan were gracious enough to pick me up from the airport in Portland and bring me back to Corvallis so I treated them to dinner (and a few tales).  Now back to research.... blah!


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