Saturday, December 2, 2006

Parties on Van Buren

Van_buren_parties_12106_002Well, last night was pretty much the last time I touch booze untilVan_buren_parties_12106_004
I'm done with Finals and it was a doozy.  Brendan and I headed over to Logan's "Ugly Sweater Party" after
having a few drinks at my place first.  It was a good showing there and everyone (but Brendan and I) had on really really ugly sweaters.  I think Logan took the prize with the pitiful looking Christmas kitty on his. 

Logan's house is amazing.  There are all sorts of neat gadgets and nicknack's Van_buren_parties_12106_012everywhere, including two giant elk antlers laying near the doorVan_buren_parties_12106_003
which Levi found recently.  It's an eclectic gathering of objects from all over that are intriguing and entertaining.  Logan pulled out a brass bowl which makes a unique humming sound when rubbed with a clothed wand around it's circumference.  I of course had to play it while wearing the retro aviator glasses I also found on the shelf. 

After hangin' out a bit at Logan's we all moved down the street a couple blocks to our friend James' party extravoganza with 3 live bands and a ton of people.  There we met up with Ashley, Aaron and a few other friends.  Hartz and I walked across the Van_buren_parties_12106_014
street to the liqour store (very convenient) and picked up a coupleVan_buren_parties_12106_017
Forty's and some tall Pabst to wash them down with.  When we got back to the party the cops stopped by for a little bit but then left us alone thanks to some quick talking by one of the housemates.  I had a very interesting talk with my friend Eva and Aaron in which I found out a little too much about each of them.  Hahaha (see pic).  I ended up staying late and playing foosbal with a girl named Emily and her ex-boyfriend Levi (super cool kid and fantastic at Ultimate) until about 3 in the morning.  I don't know what I was thinking and I was pretty drunk, so it was a stumble to get home.  I'm not that hungover today thankfully and I'm glad I got that out of my system because today, tomorow and all next week I'll be living with my face buried in text books!  Wish me luck!

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