Monday, December 25, 2006

SkiBowl on Christmas Eve

Today I drove up to SkiBowl to meet up with Aaron Hartz and his brother Gerald.  I got there before them and took a few runs before catching up with them at the bottom lift.  The snow was pretty crunchy off the trails and difficult to ski but once I paired up with the two local boys we were able to find some softer, deeper snow inCimg7185
the woods.   It's great to ski with people who grew up on the mountain who also ski as crazy as I do!  After a few runs we headed to the terrain park.  It wasn't a big one but it had a small kicker at the top and some banked c-rails that we all worked on for a while.  That trail actually ended up being one of my favorite on the mountain.  It was short but fun and easy.  Hopefully they will add some more rails and jumps to it as the season progresses.

At around 1pm the two brothers wanted to stop at the warming hut for some coffee, which of course I changed to beers for the holiday!  I asked for the darkest beer the girl had and when I got halfway through it I realized it was a 16oz of 7.8%, so I had a Cimg7186
small buzz going when I hit the slopes again.  The funniest part of the warming hut was when two guys picked up magazines above the fireplace of the roaring fire.  The one guy had 'Snowboarding' while the other guy..... 'Vanity Fair'????  I said, "what?  you have to be kidding me.... who the hell brought that up to a ski warming hut???"  Everyone turned around and got a good kick out of it and I think the guy was a bit embarassed to blantantly be caught reading that instead of the snowboarding and skiing magazines around.

We took a few more runs then ended up at the bar at the bottom for a couple rounds of drinks before the boys took off.  Somehow we got onto the subject of old school WWF wrestling... Does anyone reading this remember the match between Hulk Hogan and Macho Man during like the 2nd Wrestlemania... because I do... and as a kid itCimg7187
was one of the most amazing things I'd ever seen.  I don't watch that crap anymore of course because it has gotten completely out of control but back in the day when it was first getting popular... man it was cool.   Then somehow Brooke Hogan came up...and after thinking about I said to the guys in a drunken state, "No, seriously... I'd date the girl just to say that I was buddies with her dad Hulk Hogan!, come on... what better story can you have then telling your buddies you just got back from barbequeing with the hulk!" 

Hahaha.... anyway.... The guys eventually left and I waited around to see what the weather report was going to be for Christmas because I had all my gear to stay overnight in Government camp but after dinner and a beer I heard it was going to pour all night on Mt. Hood so I booked it home.  Atleast I got to ski in my Santa hat all day!


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