Thursday, December 21, 2006

Well, I got Tagged

Last night my buddy Brendan came over to watch Miami Vice with me and have a few bCimg7148rewskies.  It was all well and great until he got up to leave around 1:30am and I heard him laughing hysterically.  Yeah... my truck got wacked!  With toilette paper! 
When I got back from visiting home last week I heard a story at Bombs cafe over a few drinks that my buddies Chris Holm & Aaron Hartz's place was hit the tuesday I was at home by a bunch of girls.  The two assumed Anna did it but she didn't.  Although she did know who did it. 

Anna had bailed on us for the movie so of course Brendan and I assumed she must be in on it.... until I got an early morning call from her this morning saying that herCimg7151 Beetle got tagged overnight as well!  So.... Now I am at a complete loss as to who did
this.  I find it funny that Brendan's truck was left alone during the ordeal and that Anna and I were specifically targeted.  I doubt it was malicious and frankly I find it hilarious, although it sucked for 10 minutes picking up soaked 1-ply toilet paper off of rough pavement!  Still pretty funny.

So... no clue who did it but if I find out REVENGE WILL BE SWEET AND TWO-FOLD. 


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