Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Alcohol Awareness and New Job

Well, in Oregon you
apparently have to take an alcohol training class before you can serve in this
state so I was lucky enough to get signed up for the only one offered in Corvallis for a month
today. I also had an interview at a
restaurant named Intaba’s but soon to be named Wildfire.

The class this morning was from 10am until 2:30pm and it was
really boring. I learned all the regular laws for serving and of course when
not to serve minors. Oregon has a lot of strange laws that don’t
apply many other places. For instance, I
can serve minors O’Doul’s in this state. Although it says alcoholic it does have 2.5% alcohol but because it’s
under the states minimum of 3% I can serve it unlike in NY. The meeting was the Salbasgeon Inn so we all
ordered lunch while there. (Salbasgeon =
Salmon, Bass, Sturgeon).

At 3:30 I went for my interview at Wildfire which I
nailed. Not only was the owner’s name
Ocean (I’m studying Oceanography) but he and his wife Intaba had also lived and
worked in Saratoga Springs, NY for several years. What a coincidence is that!!? We hit it off great and he basically
explained that I would be in charge of the bar and Newbar
from what I could tell it
seems like I would have a lot of freedom to change it, improve it, and work it
how I like as long as I meet his rules and expectations obviously. 2 hours after I got home he called me back to
say I got the job!!!! Yeah!!! I can’t
believe I landed a job as a manager of a brand new bar (the bar was just added
to the restaurant) at one of the nicest places in town. On the weekends they plan to have live jazz
play and in the summer there is beautiful patio seating next to the clay
oven. If you care to check it out the
website is HERE.

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