Monday, January 29, 2007

COAS Ski Trip

    Well, we had our annual COAS Ski Trip to Sunriver, OR this past weekend.  Pam, Topher, Alicia, Susan, Miller, Danny, Tiffany, Chris, Aaron, Brendan, Karen, Robyn, Anna, Eleanor, Chris, Logan, Drew, Brycen, and Abby.  We all drove up ThursdayCoas_ski_trip_2007_082
night so we could go skiing at Bachelor on Friday for free after donating 3 cans of food.  The house that Pam found for us was amazing.  It was two stories with a garage, pong tabe, hot tub, fireplace and a tv with dvd player in every bedroom.  The whole place for 3 nights including beer money and dinner on friday and saturday was only 60 bucks a person.Coas_ski_trip_2007_210
    The first night was of course a night of debauchery where Chris woke up with
writing on his face and I woke up on the wooden floor holding the pen.  The pictures in the morning were proof to all who couldn't remember how wild of a night it was. 
    Friday was a great day of skiing.  In the morning I hung out with Anna, Brendan, Drew, Logan, and Karen giving pointers and helping people geCoas_ski_trip_2007_186t down the hill safely.  Anna turned out to be a terrific skier and Brendan was picking up mad skills asCoas_ski_trip_2007_276 well.  In the afternoon I caught up with Hartz and the two of us made several descents from the summit ridge over a small cornice into a bowl of nearly sheer ice carving huge banking turns the whole way lovin' it.  On our traverse to get to the ridge we went by several snowboarders who were being rescued off a face by ski patrol that was too icey to even catch an edge on.  Fall there and we would have tumbled pass them over a cliff band. 

    After slayin' the summit we decided to grab some food and then hit the park for the Coas_ski_trip_2007_292rest
of the afternoon which was amazing.  The halfpipe was
terrific and I was376760725_f39ca8be5b_b
starting to get the feeling back of riding it after having not done so for several years.  The terrain park jumps were also the biggest I have hit in a few years and I was glad that I still felt completely comfortable going off the biggest ones on the mountain. 
    When we all got back to the house friday night we thought it would be a quiet night of rest.... nope... Flip-Cup turned the night into debauchery Coas_ski_trip_2007_040
again resulting in can-crushing with bike helmets, a midnight bike ride that resultedCoas_ski_trip_2007_148
in tire tracks over my shirt, ripped pajama's, Anna getting thrown into the pool by an anihilated Chris, more wrestling, and 5 cases of beer getting tanked.  We had pasta that night which was terrific as well which I'm sure helped to absorb the booze being put into our systems. 
    Saturday, after sleeping in, we all decided to go sledding. Coas_ski_trip_2007_224 It ended Coas_ski_trip_2007_216up taking us about an hour to finally find a sledding hill decent enough but the one we found was well worth the wait.  It was pretty steep but very icey with bumps
at the bottom that took everyone out - especially Eleanor who really took a brutal punishing.  Aaron and I decided to build a ski jump next to the sledding hill and proceeded to slay it over and Coas_ski_trip_2007_245
over again while Anna took pictures and snowmobilers watched in the distance.  On our way out of the sledding area we found an igloo and took some pictures of everyone in front of it. 
    Back at the house we had bowl after bowl of homemade chCoas_ski_trip_2007_036ili and watched Old School which was a first showing for Brendan believe it or not.  Once again everyone appeared bruised and exhausted but next thing you know.... debauchery off of cheap champagne and bottles of wine.  I had planned toCoas_ski_trip_2007_200
play Hot Bottle (if you care to know email me) with Chris but he
found out the trick and bowed out.  Crazy times in the hot tubCoas_ski_trip_2007_205 and a pre-1998 hip-hop and R&B dance party mix courtesy Old-School-Ellinger kept the party going.  At the end of the night
people were piled on top of each other in beds and all the food and alcohol in the house was gone, save a quarter bottle of rum that must have been hidden. 
    Sunday we cleaned up and I drove Robyn, Chris, and Brendan home, stopping at DQ in Sweethome on the way. It was a great weekend and I had a lot of fun with my closest friends here.  It was definitely needed after the really terrible week I had last week.  Hopefully things will start to go better for me from this point on.


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