Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mac's Birthday Bash down Monroe Street bars

Well, last night was Mac Barr’s birthday bash down bars on Monroe Street. I had work I had to get done before joining
the crew at 10:30. Everyone was pretty
lit by the time I joined them atN1910582_35009360_6714
McMenamins, especially Anna who walked into
the Pita Pit yelling Dirty Sanchez at the top of her lungs. Pretty damn funny to see. We all ended the night at Tailgaters where they
were serving dollar PBR’s. Those things
go down like water! We all had a fun
time dancing there even though N1910582_35009361_7452
we were surrounded by undergraduates. I ended up talking to a few girls at the bar
waiting for a drink and Anna came up to me yelling for me to stop talking to
sluts and that I had a girlfriend. Haha. She’s so protective, and I
wouldn’t cheat on Emily anyway. I bugged
out around 12:30pm to go home and get some sleep while the others continued on
to Chris Sommes for some more drinking as usual – I don’t know how that kid
does it! Happy birthday buddy!

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