Friday, January 5, 2007

Mt. Hood Meadows in a Blizzard

Today Chris
Holm and Tiffany Gregg and I decided to head up to Meadows on Mt. Hood
for some skiing. The area had been
getting dumped on for a good week and we thought that we would encounter tons
of powder…. Yes, and No. Yes, there was
powder but it was all windblown into small pockets in the trees and some of it
was so compacted that I wouldn’t even call it powder. The wind was blowing so fiercely that the
three of us could barely see 5 feet in front of our faces. This was the first time out this season for
Tiffany I believe and she ripped it up on her board despite the weather
conditions. I was really glad that we
had decided to take my truck in the morning because the roads were pretty nasty
getting up to the pass.

  We skied
hard the entire day and left around 3:30pm to head back to Chris’ brothers
place in Portland to drop off the gear we had borrowed (goggles for me, a pass
for Chris) in the morning. The whole
trip was rainy and windy. I got a call
from Mac who wanted to ride on Sunday but the weather looks terrible for then
as well. I really enjoyed riding with
Tiffany who, despite the weather and her uncovered frozen face, managed to keep
giggling her trademark giggle all day. It was some of the worst conditions I’ve ever skied in but of course I
had a lot of fun!

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