Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Black Rock Mountain Bike Fund Raiser

Tonight Chris, Tiffany, and I drove up to Salem to see the Black Rock Mountain Bike movie premiere at Northern Lights Theatre.  There was a huge raffle of over $35,000 worth of gear and BRMBA (Black Rock Mountain Bike Association) raised 10,000 from the event for trail maintenance and building.  Chris got a raffle ticket for $25 bucks but unfortunately didn't win anything.  The movies were great with a ton of really cool helmet cam footage of the Black Rock area and Pacific Northwest all the way up to Whistler, B.C.  I can't believe I didn't know about Black Rock before a week or so9ec30e4317e71fedd818896203061d7a
ago.  It is the only place in the country where the Forest Service actually maintains the land strictly for mountain bike use.  There are tons of bridges, see-saws, jumps, gaps, log rides etc there.  It's a freeride mountain biker's dreamland and I've never been so happy to own an overweight freeride Kona Coiler Dee-lux.  I can't wait to get out to Black Rock and ride the trails after watching the movies.  All the stuff in my favorite mountain bike films is out there.  Bridges built high up in the air over the forest, big jumps etc, the place has it all.   Their moto, "Build, Ride, Respect" says it all. 
    After the movie and raffle we headed to Chris' parents to say hi and grab (steal...) some sweedish fish from the kitchen... :)  Great night.. The pic above is just one of the areas in Black Rock....  Click here to check out BRMBA.


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