Sunday, February 11, 2007

Broken Back & Kegorita

YesterdayI went skiing with Toshi and Aaron.  Aaron decided he wanted to enter an extreme skiing competition at SkiBowl but I declined because it cost 25 bucks and Kegorita_21007_021
half the course was closed due to lack of snow... this was a big mistake because as it turns out Aaron got 3rd place and won a tasty pair of gloves and goggles.  I on the other hand came away from the day with a smashed up back. 

Toshi and I decided because of the conditions that we would head up to Timberline in Truckzilla to check out the park there.  The resort was engulfed in a fog bank thatKegorita_21007_025
only rose at the end of the day as we were leaving.  After a few quick runs on groomers Toshi and headed to the Park to check it out.  The pipe was awful.. no only 2 feet of vertical when I need about 5 to really have a good time.  Basically I need a superpipe, not a small one.  So I headed to the park for the next run and after about 3 medium sized jumps and hitting them with full speed successfully I kept Kegorita_21007_055
going anticipating the rest to be around the same size... nope.  The 4th one I hit was enormous, and I hit it with way to much speed.  Not only that but the lip of the jump was at a steeper angle than the others which through me back seat.  I was much higher than I thought I would be and started to roll up the windows but it was no use.  I came down hard near the bottom of the transition on my back.  I used the tails of my skis to absorb as much of the impact as I could and they blew off instantly even though I had the din cranked to 13.  I'd say that I fell from 15-20' upKegorita_21007_033
onto ice and the only reason my back is still functional is that I was still slightly in the tranny and had good forward momentum.  Regardless it knocked the wind out of me and for the next 2 hours it hurt to breath.  At lunch I took some advil which is best for inflamed muscles.  I felt a lot better after which made me feel better knowing that it was mostly just badly bruised muscles and not a broken disk orKegorita_21007_023
spine or anything.  The wierdest part of it is that my back felt best when I was twisted skiing backwards which I decided to do for the rest of the day.  We left Timberline as it was dumping fresh snow, picked up Aaron at SkiBowl and headed home.  Even though I was hurt and in a lot of pain I'd rather ski like that than comfortably sit in front of a UNIX computer any day!

last night was Anna and Eleanor's "Kegorita" birthday party at their place complete with a DJ, a Blue Grass Band, a pong room, birthday cake, Margaritas, a pinyatta, and of course a keg.  It was a formal party so everyone had nice outfits on.  Some of us had on ridiculous outfits as you can see from the photos.  I wasKegorita_21007_001
handed a home-made "anna's special" margarita as soon as I walked in.  I was sitting on the edge of the couch stiff as a board with more sore back talking to Brianna holding margarita.  As I drank it slowly (I hate tequila) and talked to her my glass kept getting filled up without me noticing.  It was Eleanor... walking around with the Kegorita_21007_011
bottle of Jose Cuervo filling it up and making my drink stronger and stronger... I blame her for my poor game of pong with Aaron that followed in which we lost by a cup.  I ended up giving my top hat and Cane to Toshi who looked a lot better with them in his suspenders.  Funniest outfit of the night definitely went to Jan who came in wearing a pink blazer and the most ridiculous sunglasses ever. 

As the night progressed into a total shit show of drunkeness the keg was tapped and a ridiculously large game of flip cup ensued that pitted COAS against non-COAS.  COAS ran the table dominating the game, only losing once out of the 8-10 games weKegorita_21007_030
played.  I didn't realize it but in two games I actually played with cups of strong margaritas instead of beer. 

The girls used the cane I brought to beat the hell out of the pinyatta.  I found out today that it had rubber bouncy balls in it (which explained the confusion I felt this morning waking up to rubber balls in my pockets).  A couple older dudes that apparently are COAS alumni wandered into the Kegorita_21007_005
party that nobody new.  They were harmless so we let them party for a bit with us.  I guess later after I had left they asked if they could crash there and Anna sent them packin'.  haha.  I also heard that Anna herself finished the keg at around 4am with a keg stand... Pretty damn impressive. Kegorita_21007_014

Kristin Splinter and the girls showed up later at night and I ended up walking home with Julie to make sure she got home safe (plus she only lives about 500 feet from my house).  I had a great time which is clearly evident from how bad I feel today.
Somehow I managed to step on glass which I had to dig out of my foot this morning as well.  Anyway... Thanks Anna and Eleanor... It was a Tasty party for sure.


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