Monday, February 12, 2007

Broken Trust = Loss of friends

I entrusted some of my friends back home with with some very private details of my life.  I asked them to please support me as a friend and honor my trust until I was personally ready to talk about the private matter myself for my own reasons.  I was waiting for a very personal and private reason to tell people about my daughter Ellie and I believe it was my decision and right to do so, but apparently one of my so called "friends" thought they should take it upon themselves to talk about my private life behind my back breaking my trust.  Some of my friends also took it upon themselves to unjustly accuse me of not doing what is right when they have no clue about what I'm doing, how hard I'm struggling, and how difficult it is for me to be so far away from my daughter and loved ones.   I find myself judged unfairly and my trust broken by friends I grew up with.  This saddens me deeply.  I even heard that when they spread the news and had a good laugh over it at my expense.  I have never ever laughed at anyone that has been in the situation I found myself in last year.  I have lost friends tonight, but then again, true friends wouldn't have stabbed me in the back and broken my trust like they did as soon as I left town. 

I'm glad that people know about my daughter Ellie.  I'm a proud father and I've happily been telling everyone I know about her since Christmas.  I don't need to explain why I waited to tell people because that is nobody's business but my own.  I'm sincerely hurt by this news and I have lost friends because of it.


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