Sunday, February 25, 2007

Northwest Pow

Headed up to SkiBowl today with Chris, Tiffany, and Brycen today to hit the slopes.  It has been snowing all week in the mountains so we were all excited to get up there.  The mountain had about 2 feet of fresh powder.  Tiffany had to wake me up because my alarm didn't go off so I drove about 90mph to make up the time.  We took a few runs down through the trees but the snow was pretty wet, heavy powder and Chris and Brycen had a hard time dealing with it on their boards because it was getting mounded up in places by other skiers.  So, after taking a few short drops of some ledges we headed over the eastern side of hte mountain to hit some groomed runs.  It was pretty fun wippin' down the hill switch and hittin' the park there for a while, but after getting some lunch ($25!!! - still don't know why I got so damn much) we decided to hit the backcountry.  This required a short 10 minute traverse over the Cimg7389
ridgeline.  We took two runs down and on the 2nd run Brycen and I found ourselves in some deep untracked trees.  I got some video and a few pics of Brycen who got himself hilariously stuck in a tree! (see pic).  After the 2nd run I could tell the backcountry was tiring on the Chris and Brycen who had a hard time traversing as a snowboarders so we headed back to the other side of the mountain for a few more runs.  We skied right up till 4:30 pm then headed down the truck where we met up with Hartz coming back from his skiercross at Meadows which he won (only one in his class).   On the way home Brycen passed out asleep.  I followed him on the way home and we almost were able to land a banana peel on his windshield but the wind caught it and took it over his truck.
    When we got back to Corvallis I dropped of Tiffany then headed to Hartz andCimg7392 Holm's place.  Shilo had been cleaning the kitchen all night but it still looked like
a freakin' chicken had gotten loose in the place!  I sat down on the couch for a second and next thing you know Hartz is hurling pillows at me.  I ducked and BAM!, the pillow hit a ceramic lamp and smashed into the floor.  I laughed a bit about how the place looked more like animal house than any frat I'd ever been to and took off.  haha. 
    It was a great day of skiing in the fresh snow.  It was really funny to see Brycen struggle through the powder and it's always fun to ski with Tiffany who always is giggling down the mountain.  I didn't even have to eat dinner when I got home because of the fried chicken, fries, cheesburger, chili, and coke I had for lunch for $25..... what an idiot.... :)


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