Sunday, February 18, 2007

Out with the girls

Friday night ended up being a pretty laid back night for me.  First I went over to Anna and Eleanors (correction: Eleanor & Anna's) to chat for a bit.  Anna wasn't feeilng so hot so nothing crazy was going on.  Pam was there as well as Jesse who I was happy to see pulled through his shoulder operation just fine although he's going to have a Minty_lips_21707_004
long recovery.  After that I met up with Julie and Lyndsey and the three of us went downtown to the Peacock for a quick drink.  Lyndsey was quite buzzed from bowling earlier so she stayed at the bar longer than Julie and I who took off around midnight.  I was glad to get back to my bed early because I had to get up at 6am the next morning for training.

Saturday night on the other hand got completely out of control.  I met up with Lyndsey, Natalie and Julie next door and we all went out to a party at Jame's on VanMinty_lips_21707_011 Buren street.  As usual his party was rockin', the keg was kicked before we got there and the band was wailing away.  Even though his house was packed he still said it was
a small party!  haha.  Good ol' undergrads!  Make me feel young again.  After having a few drinks there we all took off for home to call it a night.  It was definitely a night I won't forget! Good times with good friends.  Quote to remember, Lyndsey - "My lips taste minty". 


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