Sunday, February 4, 2007

Superbowl Sunday @ Brycen & Abby's

Well, today was the Superbowl.  Bears vs. Colts and the Bears got their ass handed to them by Manning!  I do have to say that I believe the only reason the Patriots weren't there again this year was because Brady's arm has become so tired with all those heavy rings that he just couldn't throw the ball like back in the day.

Chris, Aaron, Eleanor, Anna, Brycen, Abby, Pam, Brendan and I all gathered for the big game at their place.  Everyone brought food they cooked or picked up at the storeCimg7245
and Brycen fired up the grill for burgers at the half time show (Prince) which was awful (Prince, not the burgers).  Eleanor (huge bears fan from IL) was pissed as hell at the outcome.  She was pretty excited when the bears returned the intial kickoff of the game for a TD, but after that it was pretty much downhill for them. 

During the first half I had about 5 beers but then switched to root beer floats for the 2nd half because I had to go in to school to finish up some work.  It was a great time and I thank Brycen and Abby for their hospitality! 


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