Thursday, March 22, 2007


Well, this week was finals for my 2nd term here
at Oregon State University.   My classes this winter term were Sedimentary
Processes in the Ocean Basins and Igneous & Tectonic Processes in the Ocean
Basins. I also took a course called
Success in the Classroom which was ungraded but taught me a lot about how to
effectively educate as a TA or a college professor. I wasn’t as nervous for finals as I was last
semester because I realize now that if you put in a lot of effort and the
professors can see that they will give you a passing grade as a graduate
student. I’m still torn over which
direction I’m going to go with my research. Right now I technically have about 3 advisors. With Anne Trehu I’m working on seismic
profiles off the coast of Oregon to better understand the tectonic structure of the subduction zone there and
the possibility of a major earthquake that could trigger a tsunami. With Rob Harris I’m traveling around the
state to various bore holes (deep holes in the ground) to measure electrical resistivity
which can then be converted to heat measurements to look at heat flow within
the earth in tectonic regions. I’m also
working with Adam Schultz here to measure magnetotellurics within the earth
(basically measuring electrical currents within the earth). The good thing is that those three topics are
3 out of the 4 fields being measured in the massive Earthscope project, the other being
geodetic satellite data. In this way
I’ll have exposure to the major aspects of the largest geological/geophysical
survey ever taken of the United States and will be a prime candidate for
working in the National Parks with ranges to disseminate the information
gathered from the project to the public (building my professional development
resume in education as well as research). Anyway, that’s just a little update as to what I’m doing here lately if
anyone is interested. Finals were ok and
I think I did pretty well this semester.

Emily comes tomorrow! Yeah!!!

Update: Got an A and B this semester keeping my GPA at a
3.47. And apparently after hitting up
Squirrels last night there are quotes from me up on Facebook such as “If I had
a belt full of kangaroo nutsacks I’d fill them full of grape sweedish
fish”. Honestly… where do I pull this
shit out of?

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