Tuesday, March 27, 2007

First Annual Beer Olympics

After Emily and I got back from our grand tour of Oregon we threw the 1st Annual Beer Olympics at my place.  Jason and I have a giant (5x8 foot) white board in our kitchen visible from outside through our large living room window which made our place a perfect place for score keeping.  Jason was gone to a conference in San Diego and McKenzie was in the kennel for a few days so it worked out perfectly. 

We started the party at about 3:30 with Eleanor, Emily, I, Kaleb, Chris Somes, and
Beer_olympics_32707_043Robyn.  By the time people started showing up we had drank a bit so we gave ourselves a point for each beer we drank!  Games played wereBeer_olympics_32707_012
1. Flip Cup 2. Flip Pong 3. Flip Cup Survivor (Emily’s idea and awesome) 4. Hurdles 5. Quarters 6.
Buddy Game 7. Moose 8. Boat Race 9. Shot gunning 10. Beer Hunter 11. Dizzy Relay Race and 12. Can Stand.  Throughout the night we were also joined by Brendan, Karen, Anna, Isaac, Kristen Splinter, Jed, Chris Holm, Tawn, Aaron, and Toshi brought Lindsey, Julie and Lisa from Bombs.   Brendan dominated everyone at hurdles, Chris Holm dominated at shotgunning as usual, and my girl Emily kicked everyone’s ass at flip cup survivor where she took out 3 well known party animals all by herself despite having been drinking since 3pm! 

At certain points throughout the evening crazy shit started to happen such as friends climbing all over the roof of our garage (still can’t believe they didn’t fall
Beer_olympics_32707_047 Beer_olympics_32707_016
through the roof), liter cola bottle tossing and random game of crotch tag was instigated by Anna I believe and by the end of the night nobody could soberly walk a line in the kitchen.  Eleanor had brought over some coal so we bbq’d outback with a lot of burgers, sausages, and nasty veggie-mushroom burgers for
Anna.  Eleanor had also brought over prizes (the electronic bellowingBeer_olympics_32707_020
Hippo was
the favorite of all) but everyone got so damn drunk and the white board was so messed with that none of them gotBeer_olympics_32707_021
taken home.   Chris Holm was going to play downtown at the wine bar but nobody was there so he came back with his guitar and put on a little show for us all in the living room.  The song of the night about Anna, Shilo, and Paul (the renaissance man) was definitely “Natty Ice” – A Chris Holm original that had us all rolling on the floor. 

By the time 10pm rolled around Eleanor was passing out in the living room on
Beer_olympics_32707_041 theBeer_olympics_32707_029
pull out bed we pulled out – with her laying on it… hehe, but it

felt like it was 2am cause we were so damn drunk.  People were playing flip cup on the kitchen table in the middle of the kitchen and others were eating out of a bowl of mixed condiments that looked like pickle juice, ketchup and mustard stirred
Beer_olympics_32707_031 together…. Yuck.  Tawn was on our couch puking on himself next to Emily so I had to drag him by his feet upside down into the bathroom where I dumped him for Kaleb to take care of…. Emily and I headed to bed at around midnight and everyone seemed to disappear from the house around that point.   

In the morning I assessed the damage… not bad.. just a ton of empty cans and
bottles, a sticky kitchen floor, messy board of quotes/points/names/etc, and a loan hippo on the table.   So IBeer_olympics_32707_051
decided to pick up the hippo and leave hippo groaning noises on several people’s cell phones whom I’m sure were still passed out in their bed.  I
Beer_olympics_32707_050got a text back from Brendan asking what his score was and ironically the only name on the board without a score was his, but it did say “wanker” haha.   Emily and I cleaned up for 30 minutes and then Eleanor showed up on her bike to help but we had finished and were relaxing.   The 1st Annual Beer Olympics was a huge Success thanks to Eleanor!


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