Friday, March 30, 2007

Mt. Hood Cabin Trip

Emily and I headed up early on Friday to Mt. Hood Meadows ski area for a day of skiing in the sun on the beautiful slopes of Mt. Hood with the summit toweringMt_hood_meadows_33007_004
above us.  We found some great runs despite the very brown corn snow that was everywhere and I hit up the park a bunch of times including the half pipe.  We even found a trail that had about 20 banked turns in it like a luge run for skiers!  We packed in a full day of skiing before we had to leave around 4pm to head to the cabin to meet up with others.
    I had reserved the same cabin that we had for Thanksgiving but this time Mt_hood_meadows_33007_007
unfortunately it was missing the massage chair.  Karen, Brendan, Eleanor, Chris Holm, Toshi, Emily and I were the crew for the night.  We began drinking around 4pm in the hot tubCabin_trip_33007_001
and by the time Chris and Toshi showed up by 8pm the rest of us were getting sloshed.  Karen had made jello shots (about 20) out of a full bottle of brandy!  They were unbelievably strong!  Three of those combined with a 12 pack of beer and I was getting hammered…  We played Bullshit Pyramid for a while to get everyone equal and then threw in “Grandma’s Boy” – always a funny movie when drunk.  That’s about the time people (Toshi Cabin_trip_33007_007
and Brendan) began to pass out on the couches around us.  That was also the time we took down the antelope again and got pictures of it harassing them both!  Haha.  It was a pretty chill night of drinking and hanging out with friends.  I finally was able to give Eleanor her Pabst Blue Ribbon belt buckle, which she loved as well. 
    After the movie Chris broke out his guitar and played us a few songs including a remixed version of “Natty Fuckin’ Ice” which was a first for Eleanor to hear because she was blacked out by the time he was singing it at Beer Olympics… haha.  We woke up the next morning to pouring rain and Eleanor whipped up some homemade coffee cake for us all before cleaning up the cabin and bustin’ out at around 11:30am.  It was a great cabin trip as usual and I really appreciate all my friends who came along to join Emily for a night of hot tubbin’ drinking, movies and music in the mountains!


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