Friday, March 16, 2007

Pisces Right - Price is Right Party

Well, tonight was Levi's birthday party combined with Logan's Graduation Party.  The Pisces_right_party_31607_004
theme of the party was "The Price is Right" which they turned into the Pisces is Right as in it being March... yeah... I know.   It was a pretty cool party although I didn't know most of the people there for some reason.  I was glad to see Hartz and Holm there when Anna and I showed up.  That always means it will be a good time.  LeviPisces_right_party_31607_006
had made a plinko board with "drink a beer, take a piece of clothing off, drink twice, and $10,000" as the bottom brackets that the plinko chip could bounce into.  Unfortunately he had nailed off the $10,000 bracket with nails.... unfortunately for him I took some pliers from Holm and proceeded to pull out those nails... hehe.... he was going to owe some people some money... that's for sure.  Everyone at the party had name tags on as if they were contestants on the show and Levi himself was dressed up as young Bob Barker in a suit.  Logan's little sis was even at the party but she didn't drink.   As the night progressed and people got drunker Toshi donned a cap with a propeller on it, people began to dance (as soon as the rustic folk band finally left), and a pretty intense Pisces_right_party_31607_016
challenge of bobbing for apples took place out back.  At first Toshi (Kamikaze Kimura the Samarai Shredder) was dominating but then Levi stepped it up and won.  Basically, it was two of the skinniest bodies I'd ever seen plunging their heads into a bucket full of cold water for half bitten apples... pretty funny looking.  As Anna continued to drink she decided it was time to start shotgunning beers... which of course Holm and I were happy to oblige.   This was the first time I had really drank all month (infact, I bet including that last night I haven't had more than 10 beers the whole month).  Hartz ended up throwing a beer on Anna in a drunken state, Holm and I caught a glimpse of chewbacca and I stole an avacado before the night was over.  Fun times... it's gonna suck that Logan is leaving.  He's a great guy.


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