Thursday, March 1, 2007

Search and Rescue Trianing SAR

Tonight I went to my first Search and Rescue (SAR) meeting at the Sheriffs Department.  We worked on map and compass skills for the night and were introduced to the new Sheriff as well.  This class is required by Oregon Law to be a member of a search and rescue unit such as CMRU.  It is every thursday for 3 hours and every saturday for 4-8 hours.  At the end I have to pass a test as well as spend a night alone in the woods at a random location in a snow cave to get the experience of being on a real mission.  We were all given a binder about 4 inches thick to study and complete problems form.  I think I will learn a lot from the course.  Also... I finally got the official invitation application from CMRU as well.  I have been going since September and have obviously proven that I am committed.  This means they will do a criminal background check on me (It'll be funny if they see I was arrested once for skateboarding!) and then I get the official interview before being accepted into the group as an official trainee.  As an added bonus... 6 months from now I'll also be able to get Pro Deal on almost any equipment I can imagine!  Glorious!


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