Thursday, March 29, 2007

Town and Dan's Trail

On Wednesday I took my truck in for a much needed oil change and Emily and I walked around town and campus in the afternoon sun.  I introduced her to a bunch of faculty and showed her some cool places on campus.  We then picked up my truck in the afternoon and headed over to Michael’s Landing on the suggestion of Linda LaFleur, the COAS secretary.  I had a big porterhouse steak with mushrooms, which was fantastic.  The food was great and the ambiance of the old train station that had been converted was great!  After dinner we took it easy back at my place and watched a movie.

On Thursday we got up and went to Jan Bauer’s masters thesis defense on campus.  I’m sure it was a neat experience for Emily to see what I’m going to be subjected to in a few years as well.  I think it went great and I know Jan is definitely happy to be finished and is looking forward to his big move to New Zealand to continue his research towards his PhD. 

We then borrowed Anna’s mountain bike and headed over to Dan’s trail for some mountain biking.  It was beautiful out and it was Emily’s first time mountain biking ever.  I think she had a great time.  We decided to come down Horse Trail and after riding it I definitely plan on doing it again soon.  We got back to theDans_trail_with_emily_32907_001
house by 6pm in time for me to whip up a batch of my family’s homemade meaty spaghetti sauce for the cabin trip before heading out to meet up with Anna, Robyn, Cosmo, Eleanor, Brendan, and Karen for Pan’s Labyrinth at the Darkside Theater.  I thought the movie was horrible and it was Spanish with subtitles to boot.  Others thought it was creative and cool.  For a fairy tale it didn’t have many mystical creatures in it and it was pretty damn bloody and gory.  Oh well, Emily and I went back to my place and watched Lucky # Slevin instead which redeemed the night.  Emily pretty much got to see all of Corvallis and I think she really liked it.


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