Sunday, April 8, 2007

20 Falls Trail - Canyon Trail

p>Got up around 10 today and decided to go for a nice ~10 mile hike in the very scenic Silver Falls State Park just east of Salem about an hour away.  When I got there I realized the ticket machine for the parking pass couldn't break a ten so452032593_73ac77802d_b
had to beg for a buck from passing motorists in the parking lot.  The first guy I asked, a nice looking older guy, happily gave me a buck (I love the friendliness of people in Oregon - especially the outdoorsy types).  After parking I got started on the hike which was very well maintained.  So much so that I saw elderly people walking it with canes and families with young children as well.  It was more of a very well built and well maintained walkway path through the woods than a trail.  It led past well more than the ten waterfalls the book wrote about although the others were smaller ones. 

I can't say enough about this hike.  It starts off walking behind South Falls which is easily 90+ feet tall and drops to a gorgeous pool below then continues for 5 or452039639_8da6c3940c_b
so miles along multiple streams and rivers past many more enormous falls.  I believe I literally walked behind 4 falls in total.  When I mean behind I mean you 452034849_1335e3b550_b
can literally follow a path underneath the falling water cascading off the cliff above your head.  I took lots of pictures and stopped multiple times at each waterfall but I have run out of picture space on this blog to post them unfortunately.  Click Here to see the full set of pics from this hike as well as many others from my travels in the Pacific452040423_0752ff271b_b
Northwest so far.  When I got to the end of the Canyon Trail I turned around and literally ran the Rim Trail so I would get home in time to go to Kristen Splinter's Easter Pot Luck.  Awesome hike.  The 10 mile hike took me about 3 hours and that was with a whole ton of stops for pictures as well.


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