Friday, April 20, 2007

Banff Mountain Film Festival

Tonight I took a trip with Anna, Tiffany and Eleanor to Eugene for the Banff Mountain Film festival tour.  We left school early around 3pm to make it to the columns in Eugene for some rock climbing first where I got some great video of Anna and Tiffany on the rock.  Eleanor and I chose to sit out and do some studying in the sun while the girls climbed although at the end Eleanor did take the chance to repel down the rock herself!  I was able to find a really fun downhill run for my longboard on the road next to the rock wall.  We left the Columns at 6 and headed downtown to meet up with Abby, Brycen, Robyn, Kristen Splinter, Nate Meehan, Jason, Julie etc at the Movie Festival sponsored by U of O outing club. 
    The intro to the movie tour was amazing!  Click link to check it out.  Check out the part where the guy ice climbing fractures the wall... nuts!  We watched 7 short films that were great ranging from mountain biking through Asia to mountain biking in Utah.  3 of the films I had already seen before from my own collection of outdoor flicks but it was awesome to see all my friends' reactions next to me to the amazing stunts and scenery.   It was a great experience and I definitely plan on going to the festival every year from now on.  Google the festival to see if it is coming your way!

    On the way home it looked like a volcano had erupted in downtown Eugene... we later found out an oil tanker truck had exploded... pretty crazy sight from the road on the way home!


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