Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Biking with Tiffany

Today I took Tiffany biking up the backside of MacDunn from Soap Creek.  We took the figure-8 loop I had done a few weeks ago with a ton of single track on it.  It was crazy steep but Tiffany rocked it out!  She really is an amazing mountain biker.  I even found out that she won 1st place at the most recent mountain bike race in the area in her class.  That's nuts!  She's definitely my new riding partner for Oregon.  Everything the trail threw at her she seemed to just eat up.  We both ate some dirt on the ride and I was pleased to see that she just laughed it off.  It was a great ride and when it gets a little drier out I definitely want to head back to it with tiffany for some helmet shot footage bombing through the trees with her. 


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