Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Well, didn't really seem like Easter today until I got to Kristen Splinter's house for the Easter Potluck with Eleanor & Anna.  I had just enough time to get home from my hike, shower, throw in a box of potatoes au gratin and then walk over.  We made it right when they were serving everyones dishes.  Meribeth had on a cute kitchen smoke her mom had made for her and there were a bunch of people I knew and didn't know there.  The food was amazing and the ham was cooked perfectly.  There ended up being about 4 potato dishes but they were so different that it didn't matter.  We had an easter egg hunt for about 50 eggs that were hidden around the apartment and despite Eleanor cheating and starting the hunt during dinner about 30 minutes before anyone else Kerri still won the grand prize of a soap bottle to blow bubbles with.  The desserts were amazing especially the strawberry pie Suzie made!  After finishing a bit more wine and a very terrifying story by a guy with a french accent about yeast, bread, and Seattle hippies we thanked everyone and took off back to my place so the girls could give me a quick hair cut in the kitchen.  I haven't really check it out yet because I'm afraid to so I hope it's ok and they didn't carve any words into the back of my skull!  Happy Easter!


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