Friday, April 6, 2007


What a first week of school!  Three of my classes were cancelled so I now have only one class.  I do have a reading and conference with my advisor that will be as tough if not tougher than a class as well though.  It's been beautiful all week long so today Anna and I decided to go for a hike up nearby Mary's Peak at 4pm.  We got pretty close to the summit but turned around because Anna's poor knees were hurting her.  I didn't mind.  Once I have a summit I could care less if I make it to the top or not... wierd huh?  At 7 we met Chris Holm and Tiffany at the climbing center for a couple hours of climbing.  Tiffany is pretty damn good and has obviously learned a lot from Anna.  Chris was a sweaty bastard, and I of course stuck to only 5.9's. 

Another interesting story from the day is that I went to the OSU doctor for an x-ray of my back and it appears to him that I may have a compound fracture of one, if not two of my vertebrae in my mid-upper back!  No wonder my back has been hurting for so long!  Maybe I should stop flipping upside down into pools of water and racing my mountain bike downhill for a while?   Well, we might be able to add a broken back now to my list of injuries! 

After eating some bratwurst at home I met up with the gang (Abby, Brycen, Robyn, Eleanor, Anna, Chris, Aaron, Toshi, and Brendan) at Crowbar downtown for a quick drink before heading to Platinum to see Amadon Play.  There was a $10 cover at Platinum which we decided we didn't want to pay so we headed to the Peacock for some Karaoke instead.  What ensued was hysterical.  Eleanor and I stole the show of course singing multiple songs including a horrific rendition of "Barbie Girl"!  Apparently, I did a pretty good job on "Ice Ice Baby" and "Busta A Move" giving several shoutouts to Anna, Eleanor, and Hartz, "the heart breaker" whome I found out the next morning after watching a video of myself Brendan taped, I called a "table cloth"!.  Hahaha.  It was a great night with all my buddies and I got to rock it like a rockstar for atleast a little while until the Lord of the Rings "troll" DJ decided not to play anymore of my songs so we left.


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