Friday, April 13, 2007

So long Mr. Baur

So last night I got to say a great farewell to my lab mate and good friend Jan Baur.  Jan is a geophysics student like myself working with my advisor's husband on siesmology also.  He just finished his masters here and is now moving on to the amazing country of New Zealand to continue his studies.  He is originally from Germany and463828529_d265af1174_b
I'm going to miss giving him shit for his accent and for not knowing common English phrases like "dirty blonde".   Last night was the send off party at his place on 13th street.  It was packed as it usually is at his parties.  Anna, Eleanor, and I rolled up to the party around 11:30 after playing kickball (I nailed a bunt home run cause they weren't fast enough to actually peg me with the ball) and going out to dinner at McMennamins with Brendan.  Apparently the  
cops had come early in the night and given them a warning as they were having a 463829537_e9e83c9553_b_1
bbq.  Everyone was dressed up in some sort of crazy outfit - guys as girls, cowboy hats, and Toshi even put on what looked like an ice skating or luge outfit - who knows what you'll find at th477927372_847544d89e_o
at place.  Jan ended up burning an old snowboard in a bonfire out back and Anna continued hers streak of shot-gunning beers at parties lately.  After playing slap-the-bag of wine for a while Jan pretty much lost the ability to speak English, Hartz was out of control, I was raging on a bowl of Jan's garlic pasta salad, and Anna was hammered, all in all a great night.  I left around 3:30am against the wishes of Jan who wanted to party more but I had to get up at 7am and boy was it rough when I did....   Gonna miss ya buddy! 


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