Thursday, May 31, 2007

Seismic Refraction at the Wave Center

Again.. another really interesting read... not really.  Yesterday our Field Geophysics class went to the field behind the Wave Center again to try some seismic refractionSeismic
field techniques.  This involved laying down a line of around 60 geophones dug several inches into the earth with a pick ax over a line several hundred meters long.  We then dug holes at intervals over the line, put a metal plate on the ground and smashed it as hard as we could with a sledgehammer to produce seismic waves which were then recorded (or not recorded by Anne because I had to come back today with her husband to help her re-do all the shots).  In any case it was exhausting work digging the holes and it was 95 degrees out which made it super hot without any shade.  Oh... and I got poison oak all over my leg... yeah...


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